Living in a COVID world has created a lot of new changes. Some changes have been implemented and then changed […]
In the beginning of COVID-19, many leaders I work with were describing the pandemic as a race we would win […]
What I love about the topic of negotiation is that many people look at me and tell me, ‘You know […]
If you are a procrastinator, then working from home with the ‘shelter in place’ order has not been your friend. […]
Not too long ago, the business day stopped at 5:00 pm. The receptionist went home and the office phones were […]
During this strange time we are living in, most are being pulled in multiple directions. You would think working from […]
Whether you are working from the office or telecommuting, we can all agree we are experiencing some crazy times. With […]
What attitude did you bring to work with you today? Seems like a silly question, but in reality, very few […]
The easiest way to define your organization’s or department’s culture is a set of shared beliefs, values, decisions and, most […]
At the end of a tough day, have you ever thought that you might not be leadership material? The term leadership […]