A birds eye view on management and leadership


What makes a good leader

Undoubtedly, most leaders would agree that good leadership in an organisation is about helping their employees be their best and achieving their best work. Nothing new in that, but why do so many fail to achieve this? The attributes of what good leadership in an organisation look like are well researched and widely known, such as: Giving people space.Giving them worthwhile and challenging projects to do.Give them help and support when required.A pat on the back when they do a…
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Leadership Styles

There are 7 most common Leadership styles and each one of them has its own time and place. The best of leaders knows how and when to flex from one style to another depending on the situation they face.  Autocratic The autocratic leader makes all the decisions without any input from team members or explanations. It’s also known as the command and control approach. This leadership style is becoming less and less used in the modern leadership world Authoritative Authoritative…
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