There are 7 most common Leadership styles and each one of them has its own time and place. The best of leaders knows how and when to flex from one style to another depending on the situation they face. 


The autocratic leader makes all the decisions without any input from team members or explanations. It’s also known as the command and control approach. This leadership style is becoming less and less used in the modern leadership world


Authoritative leaders maps the way, sets the followers expectation, whilst engaging and energising followers along the way.


Pacesetters are driven who sets high standards, leading by example, and expects everyone to up their game to at least achieve the same high standards


Democratic leaders engage all team members and asks for their opinion before making a final decision


Coaches inspire followers by asking the right questions with some high-level pointers to unlock people’s true potential and empower them to come up with their own ideas.


Affiliative leaders get up close and personal by supporting their teams’ emotional needs to encourage harmony and form collaborative relationships.


These leaders want to give people opportunities to spread their wings without a pointer or a direction to fully empower them